insulate windows with cellular shades

Insulate Windows Before Winter

Does heat escape through your windows? Boost your energy efficiency and add beauty for your home with Cellular Shades. Their innovative, closed cell, design creates pockets of air and insulate windows from heat or cold offering a measurable R-value.

Insulate Windows

What is R-value? It is the capacity of an insulating material to resist heat flow. The higher the R-value, the greater the insulating power.  Cellular Shades have been tested and offer an R-value between 4-6.

Sound Absorption Benefits

Not only do Cellular Shades offer an insulating benefit, they also help reduce noise. Our fabric materials offer excellent sound absorption and make for the best solution for home owner with hardwood floors.

Other Features

Cellular Shades are available with the bottom up-top down lift control. This gives you the ability to raise the base rail to the top of your window, for a clear view, or pull the top rail down. You can have the shade closed for privacy and still allows natural light into your room. The bottom up-top down lift control is the most desired option for bedrooms and bathrooms.

In addition the Cellular Shades are offered with room darkening fabrics. This is the number one requested custom window treatment for bedrooms by homeowners.

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